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If you’re considering purchasing a home, you know it can be an exciting time of life! You have so many options and choices to make. Purchasing a home is probably one of the largest expenditures you will make in your lifetime, so it can be a bit overwhelming and slightly frightening! Before you continue on your search for the perfect house, read through these three things you need to know before purchasing a house.

Top 3 Things To Know When Buying

The best way to start your home search

For new buyers, where I like to start is what you think you are looking for. Maybe you want a specific neighborhood, or a certain style house, or a 

You WILL change your mind...

 Make sure to look at your budget and figure out how much you can spend a month, so you can look at the right price range of houses. Remember, pre-approval rates are often higher than what you can actually afford so plan accordingly. 

You need an experienced buyer agent on your side

When you’re looking at different homes, it pays to pay close attention to details inside and out. It’s important to factor into your budget the upkeep and maintenance of a home to determine how well prepared you are for home ownership.

Home Buying: How Should My Agent Help?

A good buyer's agent should be a guide on your home buying journey. They'll show you properties that fit your criteria, help you craft a competitive offer, negotiate on your behalf and generally provide you with knowledge and support throughout the home buying process. 


They will help you understand the type of home you can afford in the current market, find listed homes that match your needs and price range, and then help you narrow the options to the properties worth considering. Additionally, a buyer's agent will dig up additional information on any listings that you find and forward their way. A snapshot with details about the area like zoning taxes, for example, should also be provided.


Once you find a home you want to see your agent should set up a tour of the property. They will work with the listing agent or home owner to set up a showing. During this time they should communicate anything they learn about the sellers or the property with you. When you’re ready to make an offer your agent will advise you on how much to offer and what contingencies to include in the contract, based on the property and an analysis of the market. The agent should inform you of the seller's response and facilitate negotiations, such as whether to accept a seller's counteroffer or negotiate on price and terms.


Finally, it’s helpful if they can refer you to other professionals and various contractors that you may need to work with during the home buying process.

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